Soham Tamba

Hi! My name is Soham Tamba.
This is my personal website.

I enrolled in New York University’s Computer Science, MS program in the Fall of 2019.

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I graduated from National Institute of Technology Goa’s Computer Science and Engineering, B.Tech program in the Spring of 2018.

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(Updated on 15th Aug, 2020)

I recently started documenting my projects here.

Professional Activities

Created a web application using Spring and React. Significantly automated the monthly performance report of a department.

During the summer of 2018, I took part in Google Summer of Code as a student developer and spent 3 months working for Julia Language. My project involved developing optimized graph analysis software in pure Julia and optimising pre-existing software in the LightGraphs library. The entire experience is documented in my blog.
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My final year thesis focused mainly on topics of Public Key Proxy Re-encryption (PRE) Schemes. We worked on the topic of achieving efficient Hierarchical Access Control using transitive anti-symmetric PRE, and producing an efficient Threshold Progressive PRE scheme.
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During the summer of 2017, I spent 2 months as a research intern at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay under Dr. Sundar Vishwanathan. I worked on the topic of designing efficient Approximation Algorithms for variants of the Clustering problem.
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During the summer of 2016, I spent 3 months working in Dr. B. Sharat Chandra Varma’s research group to produce an efficient FPGA implementation of Deep-Q Learning. The experience involved studying research papers on FPGA implementations of Neural Networks and implementing the algorithm in VHDL.

Open-source software developer mentor

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Teaching Assistantships at NIT Goa

Competitive Programming

Onsite competition organized by Goa Engineering College during their annual tech-fest, Spectrum.
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Onsite competition organized by NIT Goa during their annual tech-fest, Saavyas.
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ACM ICPC is one of the most prestigious college level programing competitions.
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Online competition organized by The Indian Society for Technical Education, NIT Bhopal chapter during their annual student’s conclave, Chimera.

Online competition organized by Manipal Institute of Technology’s official computer science club, IECSE.
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Online Courses

I have completed the following courses provided by MIT OCW, which includes video lectures and problem sets.

I have completed the following courses provided by Coursera and received certification.

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Conferences Attended

Presented my Project Poster on my GSoC project, Parallel Graph Development.
My attendance was funded by Julia Project and NUMFocus.
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Attended as spectator.


I was a member of NIT Goa’s Toastmasters club for 2 years, which is a public speaking club.

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Organizing Activities